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Feedback left by our readers:
May 25, 2008
Thank you for the great advice! MJ
asked 1 question(s)mjmarvalous (MJ)

May 23, 2008
Very helpful, thanks!
asked 1 question(s)nward1234 (Nathan Ward)

Jul 31, 2007
We received your services during our move back in May. Thank you so much for all your accurate information and support. We were able to obtain a very good estimate by following some of your advice. It also made the whole process less stressful. Thank you again and good luck with your future projects.

Tatiana Seiber
asked 4 question(s)taseib (Tatiana Seiber)

Jun 29, 2007
Thank you, Alex.

I can imagine how my move can easily turn to a nightmare without your web site's educational information and expert answer to all my questions. I don't know how to express my thanks but bet your web site will be the first hit for all the people who is considering hiring moving company.

best wishes,
asked 6 question(s)jzhou (jing zhou)

Jun 23, 2007
Thank you so much for your information. You guys are providing a real service. It's a amazing what the internet has provided to the world. How did we ever live without it? :)

I had one moving firm come in yesterday for a walk through and two more scheduled early next week. I'll research them on your site and maybe post a specific question about them if I have problems finding anything. Thanks again!
asked 1 question(s)bceagle1976 (John C)

May 30, 2007
This website is the best thing *ever*! Definitely way better than sliced bread. A million thanks to Alex especially for the thoughtful and detailed reviews of movers in Austin, TX. I tried to do my homework, but the info you folks provide is way above and beyond. I am so grateful!

- Sheila
asked 4 question(s)sheilaj (sheila)

Apr 23, 2007
Thank you.. thank you.. thank you...
This is to Alex & the rest of the wonderful crew of Moving Answers.
I can not thank you all enough for the quick responses & your investigative work. Especially where you are I believe out of NY & I am from FL.
What a feeling of relief to have someone out there checking for folks who are already stressed out just moving. There have been a couple times I almost made big mistakes with movers I was going with.
Still looking ...I would love to take you all out to dinner.. oops sorry I'm moving.. (just a little humor there) Seriously keep up the good work..I hope folks write & say thank you also for your help. Everyone needs a pat on the back once in awhile,

asked 10 question(s)heavin2 (Jeanette Massucco)

Apr 18, 2007
I want to thank you for this excellent web site, I checked with three movers with you and decided to go with Coakly Brothers. Your research has helped me avoid making the wrong choice like World Moving Services.
Thank you again!
Coakly Brothers just did an onsite visual and we signed on with them.
asked 3 question(s)vida (Vida)

Jan 16, 2007
Believe it or not this site is a great help to me. If I was not told about this web site by a co-worker, I know I would not be doing so much research before hiring a moving company. Thanks to this web site. This web site is educating me and helping me make pick the right moving company for my move and also understanding my rights. You have a great turn around time when asked a questions. Keep up the great work.

Thanks, again
Maxine, New York
asked 29 question(s)metz1055 (Max)

Nov 24, 2006
What a nice reply and very thoughtful, too. I think you must know that I am doing this on my own this time, for my partner and for me since she is in the hospital - so thank you so much for replying, and I hope you are having a wonderful Thanksgiving,

Currie Silver
asked 1 question(s)currie (Currie Silver)

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